Our Unique Coffee Portfolio

Everything starts at the farm. And to give an outstanding farmer two things: Our commitment and a fair pricing for their hard work. These are the essentials, but of course a relationship goes beyond this.

We ask our farmers to slow down and to focus on improving their coffee qualities. For higher qualities, we pay more. We also promise not to go below the price we paid in the previous season. This is why a producer can rely on us and this is how we receive some of the best coffee beans in the world!

coffee beans

Enjoying our seasonally fresh offering means, that you will be able to discover the whole world of Single Origin Coffee Beans at their fullest flavour potential. We source coffee beans from around the world and roast them to perfection in our Berlin Roastery: by hand.

Our coffees will take you on a flavour journey with almost endless possibilities. With growing farm relationships, we can be an exclusive partner that engages in sustainability projects on and around each farm.

With growing stature of the producer, we also encourage new processing methods such as anaerobis or carbonic marceration. These innovative methods can enrich the final cup profile and make it more complex. As a result the coffee can score higher and fetch a higher price for the producer.

But the best thing is: You will have an outstanding coffee experience that you will aways remember!

Single Origin Quality

We are focusing solely on Single Origin Coffee for good reasons: They are the most focused way of experiencing the terroir that they grew on. They are also easier to use when it comes to grinding (evenly) and extracting (in a balanced way).

The most powerful reason though is: It makes our coffee producers proud because it connects you in the most direct way to their product! All our Single Origin Coffees score 86 points or higher. Bearing in mind that Specialty Coffee starts at 80 points, we take you into the level of microlots and high quality Specialty Coffee.

coffee beans

From 86 points you can taste 3 distinct flavour notes and acidity is present. Acidity is an important factor: It gives the beverage structure and it is transporting flavour. More acidity means higher quality.

All this said: We like to have a balanced and clean cup profile: When body, sweetness, flavour and acidity are working in harmony. Our beans are carefully sourced from farms that we trust closely work with on one eye-level. They encompass a diverse range of flavours.

By working directly with farms, we can enjoy the distinct characteristics found in coffee while offering a relationship that is financially sustainable.

Explore our World of Coffee

Different terroir, countries of origin, soil, processing methods, and coffee varietal create unique cup characteristics. We love it when a typical bean from Ethiopia finds its way to Colombia or Brazil and grows on different soil.

By different hands and with different climate. This is why we say that we are all still growing our knowledge in coffee. It keeps expanding! Coffee has more than 800 flavours: more than tea.

coffee beans

Roasting our beans light and bringing out all of the beautiful flavour notes and characteristics in each coffees bean: thats our craft. With more than a decade of roasting some of the best coffees out there under our belts, we feature coffee beans to suit any palate.

With our three signature taste categories: Balanced + Terroir + Exotic - you will have a clear indication of what your go-to flavour profile is. But coupled with the wast range within each category from all the factors mentioned before. Raw material that is fresh in season and roasted to perfection.

Our flavour categories will help guide you through the coffee beans in our portfolio. From Balanced favourites we could drink all day to our Terroir range that shows more distinct flavours of a particular region.

Our Exotic category is reserved for rare lots that highlight coffee beans with exceptional and unexpected flavour profiles. Selecting coffee is not a one-size-fits-all process, but we are here to help you find the coffee beans that suit you.

From Crop To Cup

From "Farm to Table" or from "Crop to Cup" is an expression that describes the short distance from producing to enjoying food and drinks. In our case it also means that we build close relationships to our coffee producers to ensure outstanding coffee bean qualities.

Keeping the value chain short means that we only include people that add value to the product. It usually is the coffee producer, the exporter (which can be the coffee farmer if they are larger)and us.

At THE BARN we have direct farm relationships but we mostly do not trade direct. We carefully chose our export partner in each country of origin. They have to have the right mind set to help our coffee producers on all levels: Teaching agronomy and farm techniques, supplying seedlings, machinery and to finance the farmer during the harvest season (with pre-payments).

coffee beans

In terms of processing at farm level: The complex process of growing our coffee beans requires keen attention to detail and respect for the environment. Within 2-3 years after planting, coffee trees start to bear fruit: the coffee cherries. Ripe cherries are being handpicked in several rounds, because they do not all ripen at the same time.

The reason is that in the flowering season (prior to bearing cherries), there are weeks between periods of rainfall which again create flowers on the coffee plants. So the handpicking of only the lush pink or juicy yellow coffee cherries is vital for our coffee taste: Only the ripe ones carry amazing flavours and higher sweetness.

Care and precision are the indispensable elements during the harvesting phase at the small scale farms we work with, the harvest process is done by hand to ensure that the delicate trees are not damaged, and the coffee cherries are picked at the perfect moment.

Capturing The Flavour: Our Roast Style

Our roast style is light. With years of perfecting our signature roast style, we know how develop our coffee beans from the inside: to bring out all taste properties and to make each individual coffee lot shine.

When we approach a new coffee, we spend time test-profiling and sample-roasting the beans to find out what each coffee tastes like. The art is not to change a coffee but to roast it in a careful way, so it can impress you with everything that it has.

Light roasting is healthier than dark roasting: We do not burn the outside of the coffee bean which we often compare with enjoying a perfect toast versus a burned one. One of the advantages of light roasting is that you can taste everything: good and bad. So we simply use the best beans we can find - there is no way of hiding lower qualities behind a veil of dark roast!

coffee beans

Light roasted beans are dry on the outside which is great: It means that the coffee oils are captured inside the bean only to be released when you grind and brew up your coffee. So always grind just before you extract coffee: Thats when you get the most intense flavour experience in your cup and onto your palate.

We are roasting all our coffee beans manually on Probat Retro Roast Machines that were tailor-made for us. They are based on 1950ies models (a very popular series often seen in Vintage Machines such as Probat UG22), however, they are newly built with modern engines and quality control functions to ensure consistent roast qualities.

Each of our coffees has an individual roast curve that we constantly review based on the daily feedback we receive from the awesome baristas in our own cafés: in Berlin, Dubai, Spain or Korea. This is rarely being done in roast companies: To take the feedback from the people working with the coffees on bar - and to feed it back into the quality control process of the roastery.