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Origin: Alte Alegre Valley, Mococa, Brazil
Roast: Filter / Espresso
Producer: Fazenda Ambiental Fortes (FAF 2669)
Altitude: 1200 Meters

Yellow Varieties

Process: Natural

No late nights without great coffee! This wonderful coffee was created for the beautiful people of Kreator and all their fans. The roast profile can be used both on filter and espresso methods. 

The bag comes with a cool extra: The signature of Mille Petrozza!

The Coffee
Mococa, Brazil
Fazenda Ambiental Fortaleza (FAF) are processing some of the best coffees in Brazil and they are leaders for sustainable coffee farming. The Bob-o-Link project is the result of a group of farmers in the FAF network, located in some of the best regions for coffee in Brazil. Bringing together neighbouring farms that share their water sources, expertise, and knowledge.

The Cup

Vanilla, Toffee and Milk-Chocolate are predominant with light notes of almonds in the finish. This cup is extremely sweet with a rich body and a buttery mouthfeel. It is everything you want from a quality Brazilian espresso.

About The Farm

This coffee is produced in the Alto Alegre Valley of Mococa, Brazil. Focusing on harvesting smaller lots of coffee that have particularly unique flavours. The network of farmers share information in order to innovate, evolve, and produce some of the region's most interesting coffee.

Fazenda Ambiental Fortaleza (FAF) made a radical change from conventional farming to sustainable practices in 2001. They have formed a centre of competence that is at the heart of the Specialty Coffee Movement across Brazil. All farm partners of FAF signed up for quality. They receive training, seedlings and they are introduced to international roast partners that form direct relationships with each individual farmer.

The Process

In contrast to many commodity focused Brazilian farms, FAF coffees are meticulously hand picked. Ripe cherries are harvested, sorted, and for our naturally processed lot, slowly dried on raised African style drying beds. With the outside fruit of the cherry left intact, this gentle process ensures the development of sweet, aromatic flavour.

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