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Origin: Boa Vista Valley, São Paulo, Brazil
Roast: Filter / Espresso
Producer: Jacon Family / FAF
Altitude: 1200-1350 Meters
Varietal: Catuai
Process: Natural

We are huge fans of Kreator. Needless to say that we are proud to roast their very own coffee for you. Mille Petrozza loves coffee, we love Mille. And coffee is our absolute passion!

Our Kreator Black Sunrise rotates from time to time to keep the beans fresh in season. We always pick a profile that Mille likes a lot and you can rest assured that your coffee will always be sweet with notes of chocolate or caramel and nuts. 

We are roasting in our Omni Roast Style so you can use the beans both on filter and espresso. Enjoy! The bag comes with a cool extra: The signature of Mille Petrozza!

The Coffee
Boa Vista is everything we love in great Brazilian coffees. Clean cup profiles, with sweet notes of chocolate, nut and caramel. Perfect for milk drinks - or simply pure! 

Flavour Notes: Chocolate. Brazil Nut. Fudge.

The Cup

Boa Vista is sweet, rich, and balanced. The profile has body and depth that pairs perfectly with milk. In the cup, expect notes of chocolate, nut, caramel, and fudge.

About The Farm

Fazenda Ambiental Fortaleza (FAF) are processing some of the best coffees in Brazil and lead the way in sustainable farming. The Bob-o-Link project is the result of a group of farmers in the FAF network, located in some of the best regions for coffee in Brazil. Bringing together neighbouring farms that share - and care - for their water source, expertise, and knowledge.

Farms in this region originally belonged to one family and plots have been subsequently divided through the new generations. In Boa Vista we have the Jacon, Zani, Dos Santos, and Ferreira families, who have been living and farming in the area for four generations. This beautiful lot comes from the Jacon family.

Today, after many years of partnership with FAF, they not only produce superb coffee, but together have introduced post-harvest best practices that help reduce their impact on the environment.

The Process

Our Boa Vista lot was naturally processed, taking advantage of the consistent dry season in this part of Brazil. Once picked and sorted, whole, ripe cherries are dried in the sun, allowing the coffee beans to absorb flavour and depth from the surrounding fruit.

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