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5 years on from the release of their first compact hand grinder, Knock have released their new and improved Aergrind for 2022. Still hand built in Scotland, the new Aergrind is now 100% plastic free and has been upgraded to be stronger, longer lasting, and more refined than its predecessor.

Following the success of his first grinder, the Feldgrind, Peter Kilpatrick designed the Aergrind: a compact version small enough to fit inside an Aeropress that still delivers professional performance.

  • Italmill burrs provide even grinding from espresso to filter
  • Improved top dial adjustment provides easy access
  • Stepless grind adjustment means unlimited settings
  • 38mm burrs with improved titanium nitride coating
  • Magnetic, laser etched lid that snaps into place
  • New, larger bean chamber increases capacity

For the 2022 version of the Aergrind, key upgrades begin where it matters: the refreshed 38mm titanium nitrided conical burrs provide competition level grind consistency and a step up in class. Inside the grinder Knock has increased the axle bearing length by 100% to provide even greater stability and improved alignment. The refreshed profile of the crank arm is now 20% thicker providing greater stability when grinding.

Refinements continue with a thicker, more stable crank arm and a move from plastic to a large, walnut knob; a magnetic lid with laser etched dial that snaps into place; and a threaded lower tube with a profile that controls the precious coffee grounds inside.

"Made by Knock" is a company based in Scotland. Peter Kilpatrick's mechanical designs are both popular and durable. We are one of the main distributors for the Aergrind and the Feldgrind in Germany.

Find out more about cleaning and adjusting the grind settings here.

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