Signature Drink April - Beetroot Flatwhite

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When it comes to coffee: everybody loves a trend. At THE BARN we are no different. It is just that while everyone else is busy chasing the latest specialty coffee craze, we are busy starting it.

April is already well underway and if you’ve visited any of THE BARN locations then the chances are that you already encountered our signature coffee this month. For those who haven’t, we want to reward everyone who signed up for our coffee subscription box with something a little bit special.

The Beetroot Flat White is the perfect twist on the classic pick-me-up. Packed with natural anti-oxidants and a dash of home-made Cascara Syrup. This is how to make it at home.

So grab your Comandante and get grinding. Sure it might not make the front pages of Standart but honestly, everything looks prettier in pink.


32g Huye Mountain Espresso 
 20g Beetroot Juice 
7g Cascara Syrup 
100ml Milk  
Cascara Syrup Recipe
70g Cascara Bark 
20g Dolce Cane Sugar 
230g Hot Water  



Add the milk, beetroot juice, and cascara syrup to a jug and steam until hot and glossy. Keep the steam arm low to avoid excess foaming. Pull a double shot of our Huye Mountain Espresso and pour the steamed milk over the espresso whilst it is fresh. And you’re done. Remember that the key to a great flat white is to avoid excess foam. It is as simple as that.