Dick Taylor for The Barn

Dick Taylor for The Barn


Dick Taylor are based in California. What we do with coffee - they do with chocolate. Using Dick Taylors drinking chocolate in all our cafés was a no-brainer. It tastes like melted chocolate! When we thought about collaborating with a small batch coffee chocolate, we did not hesitate. Find out more in the article below!


THEIR STORY “Deeply rooted in a background of woodworking and boat building, we have always loved working with our hands. We became fascinated with a new challenge and loved the idea of reinventing the chocolate experience.” Hand crafted in their production site in Eureka, California, Adam Dick and Dustin Taylor founded Dick Taylor in 2010 with a simple mission- to create a chocolate bar that highlighted their globally sourced cacao, without the need for additives. The finest, single origin cacao is combined with organic cane sugar to create globally award winning small batch chocolate bars.



For a remarkable collaboration, we turned to Dick Taylor to help us launch our first ever coffee chocolate bar. We aimed to create a product of temptation, that would highlight the flavour of our coffee, the ethically sourced cacao and showcase our proud farmers who continue to provide us with the highest quality of beans. Expect to be taken on a journey to the hills in the west valley of Costa Rica, where our farmer Alejo Castro grows and provides us with our Volcan Azul Caturra Natural coffee featured in the bar. Our farmers, including Alejo, are paid a premium price to continue operating a sustainable business and proudly present us with the highest grade of beans for roasting. In combining our coffee with Dick Taylor's bean to bar chocolate, the Dick Taylor x THE BARN collaboration unveils a progressive step towards sustainability for the well renowned combination of coffee and chocolate. Upon tasting, expect to experience the flavours of our Volcan Azul coffee, complimented by the rich and silky Costa Rican cacao, to form a luxurious, smooth chocolate bar. We recommend you pair the chocolate with one of our fruity Ethiopian coffees, such as DAMBI UDDO or GEDEB CHELCHELE, as the chocolate is designed exclusively to highlight the subtle nuances of our coffees, whilst never obscuring the delicate fruitiness. Taste this remarkable collaboration to experience a premium coffee chocolate bar and a story of sustainability not to be forgotten.


Currently, the Dick Taylor x THE BARN chocolate collaboration bar is available as a part of our special subscription, where subscribers receive the chocolate together with our beautiful sandstone mug alongside 2 x 250g coffee bags per month.

Our curated subscribers receive 2 bags of their choice of either filter or espresso beans each month. For the month of February, we will include a Dick Taylor x THE BARN chocolate bar in the box of 50 randomly picked subscribers.

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