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Peach. Honey. Floral.

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Origin: Jimma, Ethiopia 
Roast: Filter
Producer: Mustafa Mohamed Ali
Altitude: 2050 Meters
Varietal: Mixed Heirloom
Process: Honey

You automatically donate 50 cents to Project Waterfall in Ethiopia when buying 250g of this delicious coffee.

Hand-in-Hand we can achieve so much together

When we decided to work more direct in Ethiopia in 2018, Mohamed Ali became one of our closest partners. There was so much potential to improve, and Mohamed Mustafa Ali was eager to find an exclusive roasting partner to make his vision a reality. Fast forward, we are involved in 3 sustainability projects at his two estates. And his coffees are getting better and better!

Adding a honey processed version to his program is a huge success: This coffee is insanely clear with notes of peach and wild mountain honey. As it cools, bergamot and honeysuckle appear. The aromas are almost tropical, while citrus acidity adds perfect balance.

The Barn x Project Waterfall
With the release of Mohamed Ali Honey, we are supporting Project Waterfall: a charity bringing clean water to coffee-growing communities.

Across Ethiopia, over 15 million people rely on coffee for their livelihoods, but 61% lack access to clean water. For every 250g bag sold, you will donate 50 cents to Project Waterfall and help provide clean water, especially to Health Centers and Schools. 

Order Mohamed Ali Honey today and join our commitment to the coffee-growing communities of Ethiopia.

The Cup

Honey processing is a beauitiful match for the terroir of Jimma. In the cup, the coffee has notes of peach and wild mountain honey. As it cools, expect the refined floral notes of bergamot and honeysuckle. The aromas are almost tropical, while gentle citrus acidity adds perfect balance.

About The Farm

Last year we were back in Ethiopia to see the latest progress at the farm and to meet producer Mustafa Mohamed Ali. With our support, Mustafa has invested in his processing facilities and training for his staff, alongside conservation efforts that protect the natural environment of his estate. You can read more about our visit on our blog.

Our relationship with Mohamed Ali started in 2018, when Ethiopian laws allowed smaller estates to export their coffee directly. Mohameds son, Mustafa Mohamed, took the chance on an exclusive partnership and looked for an international roast partner to work exclusively with. Lucky us!

When entering the estate you walk into pristine forest where coffee grows wild. Bees and fruit trees provide bioversity and offer additional income outside of the coffee harvest season. At 2050 meters of elevation we are way up in Ethiopias highlands, with temperature changes between day and night that help create beautiful flavour profiles.

Today, Mustafa Mohamed Ali runs the farm with the help of his brother. Through our exclusive relationship and the support of our export partner Belco, the quality produced by Mohamed Ali has continued to increase. The farm is now organically certified, while investment in the training of workers and processing infrastructure continues to reap rewards.

The Process

Honey processing is still rare in Ethiopia but the fruity quality of terroir is a perfect match. Freshly picked cherries are fermented then pulped to remove the outer skin and fruit, but a layer of mucilage remains intact. The beans are then sun dried on raised beds. As they dry, the mucilage becomes sticky, sweet, and golden in colour, giving the process its name.

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