Your Coffee on 9th December. Chaiprakarn. Thailand

From the wonderful terroir of Sidama to our second Thai coffee of the season! Producer Noi Duongdee is one of the most experienced speciality producers in Thailand and we are excited to offer his coffee for the very first time. Through very careful treatment, a coffee grown at relatively low altitude is brought to life.

Washed coffee from Thailand can sometimes lack complexity, but Chaiprakarn is a little bit special. Noi Duongdee is a veteran of the Thai coffee industry, with over 10 years experience. Noi worked with one of the pioneer mills in the Thai coffee specialty industry for many years before venturing out to start his own coffee processing plant in Chaiprakarn, Chiang Mai. In this lot, we see all of his skill, with a profile that is elegant and distinctly Thai.

Chaiprakarn is a perfectly balanced coffee with defined texture. In the cup, expect notes of warm spice, nougat, yellow plum, and raisin. As it cools, the texture becomes soft and round; like a soothing cup of hot chocolate. The lingering flavour is balanced by delicate acidity.