Your Coffee on 6th December. Doi Saket. Thailand

From Ethiopia, we are making a journey to an origin that features in our portfolio for the very first time: Thailand. We have been curious about Thai coffee for many years and today there are many new producers pushing the boundaries of coffee across the country.

Doi Saket is the oldest coffee growing area in Thailand, located in Chiang Mai province. The first few trees of Arabica coffee that were planted as part of an opium replacement program were tested here.

Having left careers in accountancy and engineering behind, producers Nui and Aoy Jaisooksern decided to return to the land of their ancestors to grow coffee. Their passionate approach has seen the introduction of modern speciality methods to bring clean, complex flavours. The result is everything we look for when choosing coffee.

Our lot was anaerobically processed, offering superb depth and complexity. In the cup, expect rich chocolate, stone fruit, cherry, and caramel.

A hint of lactic acidity helps balance the cup beautifully. The finish lingers with jammy sweetness and defined textured. Enjoy discovering something totally new with us today!