Your Coffee on 23rd December. Jardines del Eden. Colombia

Just two more coffees left in your Advent Calendar! For number 23, we are returning to the farm that kicked things off: Jardines Del Eden. This time, we have selected an exceptional Sidra lot. This is one of the finest expressions of Sidra we have tasted, offering a celebration in your cup as the excitement of Christmas draws nearer.

At Jardines Del Eden, the exploration of varietal and process offers limitless expressions of Colombian terroir. The Sidra varietal is believed to have originated in Ecuador.

Possessing elegant floral qualities and exceptional sweetness, it is a varietal that produces superb cup profiles. Sidra tastes best when grown at higher altitudes and at over 1800m, the terroir at Jardines Del Eden is a perfect match. Like your very first coffee, this Sidra was naturally processed, receiving precise processing reserved for the most exceptional coffees from Jardines Del Eden.

In the cup, the fragrant profile is like the ripest summer melon, with floral violet appearing in the mid palate. Notes of papaya and orange are sweet and juicy. Expect texture and complexity that remains long after the last sip.