Your Coffee on 22nd December. Los Pirineos. El Salvador

Today, you will be enjoying another coffee from Los Pirineos in El Salvador. The reputation of Los Pirineos has grown and grown as a result of the incredible work started by Gilberto Baraona, and now continued by his son Diego.

Gilberto was a shining beacon of the coffee industry in El Salvador. Over many years, he worked relentlessly to explore the possibilities of production, with a varietal programme that many dream of: the nursery that Gilberto developed hosts over 70 distinct coffee cultivars. Now in the trusted hands of Diego, Los Pirineos continues to deliver the unexpected.

When tasting this exceptional Sudan Rume lot, it is clear to see the amazing work that has taken place at Los Pirineos. In the cup, this coffee displays the fruity sweetness of candy.

Notes of strawberry, fig, and gooseberry offer enchanting complexity. A silky body is perfectly complemented by lively acidity. A coffee from a true modern master.