Your Coffee on 21st December. Los Lajones. Panama

For your 21st coffee, we selected something that takes us back to the early days of roasting at The Barn. The first Geisha we ever roasted was from Graciano Cruz in Panama and this lot is a celebration of how far we have come. Graciano Cruz is a true coffee superstar. His estates in Panama combine cutting-edge technology and traceability with the incredible natural terroir that surrounds the Baru Volcano National Park.

Graciano is dedicated to the conservation of the beautiful area around Los Lajones and the estate was the first bio-certified coffee farm in Panama. The Los Lajones Estate is a farm covering 160 acres. Coffee is planted across 60 acres and the remaining 100 acres are a dedicated natural reserve. The estate is known best for naturally processed coffee, a choice driven by a desire to minimise water usage while taking advantage of a dry season that offers the best possible conditions for naturally dried coffees.

This Geisha lot was processed in a natural anaerobic style: nothing is added to the coffee cherries, but the juices created during fermentation create intense sugars and complex acidity. After fermentation, cherries are transferred to raised African drying beds for 35 days.

In the cup, Los Lajones will awaken the senses with delicate floral aromas. Notes of jasmine and orange blossom are an elegant expression of Geisha character. On the palate, the flavour comes alive with an array of fruit flavour, from sweet tropicals to soft, ripe blueberry. The texture is both bright and playful, while retaining a smooth, creamy balance. In the cooling, the fragrant sweetness lingers with bergamot and delicate stone fruit.