Your Coffee on 1st December. Jardines del Eden. Colombia

Around the world, there are coffees and farms that are truly memorable. For the first step on your Advent journey, we have selected a coffee from one of the finest producers out there: Jardines Del Eden.

The farm was created by the brothers behind Cofinet, Felipe and Carlos Arcila, as an experimental project where every possibility of varietal and process can be explored. For over 80 years, their family has been devoted to Colombian coffee. At their very own Garden of Eden, rare plants are carefully nurtured before being matched to innovative processes. In coffee today, there is no varietal more celebrated than Gesha and for the first day of Advent, unforgettable flavour awaits.

The natural process is reserved for only the most special lots from Jardines Del Eden. After the cherries are hand sorted, they are laid out in thin layers on raised beds in a parabolic dryer. Coffees are inspected during the day, allowing for even drying and to remove the possibility of any defect impacting the cup. Naturals in Colombia are a relatively new phenomenon, requiring extra care due to the high humidity.

The profile is both fragrant and intensely sweet, appearing candy-like in the cup. A fruit-forward profile is alive with fresh and vibrant strawberry, raspberry, and blueberry. The defined sweetness is reminiscent of spun sugar and molasses, with a velvety texture on the palate.