Your Coffee on 18th December. Caballero Amazonas. Honduras

From Guatemala, we are travelling south to Honduras. Today, you will be enjoying a coffee from Cup of Excellence winners Caballero. Located in the precious region of La Paz, producers Marysabel and Moises have put Caballero on the coffee map through over 20 years of relentless work.

Today, they produce coffee on more than 200 hectares, split into various farms that focus on different cup profiles. Marysabel and Moises have played a big part in contributing to the growing reputation of Honduran coffees. The Caballeros are committed to the environmental sustainability of their farms.

A lot of their focus goes towards improving the soil of their farms to ensure a healthy environment. Oranges, avocados, flowers, bananas, and other fruits are also grown at the farms, for the pickers to eat and to create biodiversity that ensures good growing conditions and shade for the coffee trees.

This coffee was grown at their Las Amazonas plot. At over 1600m, this is one of the highest parts of the Caballero estate, enjoying cooling temperatures and foggy conditions. The microclimate at Las Amazonas is ideally suited to the Geisha varietal, with cherries able to slowly develop their complex flavour. With its refined floral character, Las Amazonas shows off the quality that first made the varietal famous. In the cup, expect a delicate note of black tea and jasmine. The sweetness of stone fruit and berries are perfectly balanced by clean acidity