Your Coffee on 12th December. Dambi Uddo. Ethiopia

Today, we are taking you back to Ethiopia. There are some farms we return to year after year and Dambi Uddo is one of them.

Different regions across the country offer their own distinct terroir and Guji Highlands is home to some of the finest. Dambi Uddo is situated at a very high elevation of 2145m and it is segmented into six parts. We purchase all the coffee from our exclusive plot, Gatame - named after the native trees under which this coffee grows.

Dambi Uddo implements strict environmental standards, with work carried out by hand and no chemicals used in production. Growing in shade allows the coffee cherries to ripen slowly, developing particularly high sugar levels.

All coffees grown here are ‘garden coffees’, which means they grow wild in the forest that flourishes on the farm and are fully organic. After harvest, our lot was processed naturally.

The fresh cherries are sorted and transferred whole to raised African beds where they are slowly dried.

In the cup, Dambi Uddo is an intensely flavoured coffee with notes of blueberries, bergamot and black tea. Strawberry and tropical fruits appear in the cooling. The coffee has superb depth which lingers on the palate.