Operations Cafés

    Allan is one of our Café Operations Managers with a special task of the all important training of our staff. He is the guard of our drink qualities on bar and he is involved in continuously improving our customer experience and hospitality. So that all our customers feel welcome and hear the farm stories of our coffees. 



    Andreas is running our operations across all units. He is also in charge of human resources and expansion projects. His vast experience from running his own hospitality business is giving him years of knowledge in workflow, execution and streamlining of processes. Andreas also designed all our café spaces.



    Nachhaltigkeit ist die Übernahme von Verantwortung und sie entwickelt sich ständig. So können wir neue Perspektiven auf diesen Bereich werfen. Wir gehen diese Reise mit Beatrice, die für unsere ESG und die B Corp-Zertifizierung zuständig ist. Sie lebt in Bayern, wo sie sich auch um andere spannende Projekte kümmert!



    Fikayo is looking after all things Shopify, Webshop and IT. He is multi-talented, very supportive and solution-oriented. We love having Allrounders in our office team that have a strong sense for customer support and are flexible to multi-task and work fast with clear deadlines in mind. Great to have Fikayo on board. 

  • JAX


    Jax is in charge of our Wholesale Team that fosters existing relationships with our café partners, and grows it all across the globe. Having had his own businesses, coupled with a competitive background in sports makes Jax a great person for this job. Growing up in the US and partly in Germany. 


    Operations Cafés

    Marcin ist verantwortlich für unsere Café Operations in Berlin. Mit viel Erfahrung aus Restaurantmanagement und Logistik, begeistert er sich dafür, starke Teams aufzubauen und Talente zu entwickeln. Marcin arbeitet zielorientiert, von innen heraus, und er unterstützt "hands-on" auf operativer Ebene.


    Data Privacy

    Pawel kam über Edinburgh zu uns. Er ist für unsere Facilities verantwortlich und überwacht unsere Daten. Pawel arbeitet auch im HR Bereich für uns. "Ich finde es spannend, nah an unseren Kunden und Mitarbeitern zu sein, um ein einzigartiges Kundenerlebnis zu schaffen. Kaffee verbindet Menschen!"

  • PIA


    Pia has a background in business administration. She was running her own business for 10 years before joining our team. Pia is a real Berliner from hat to toe and she loves soccer.  She is the backbone of our office crew. Her main tasks are the accounting and finance duties at our company. 

  • RALF


    Ralf founded THE BARN in 2010. He pioneered Specialty Coffee in an uncompromising way in Germany. By focusing on our product, farm relationships, roasting and sharing knowledge, he is key to our growing international reputation. Ralf is involved in all areas of the company to ensure their strength.



    All our handmade sweet and savoury snacks you enjoy at our cafés are made by Sylwia and her team. „Baking cakes and cookies with the best ingredients is so enjoyable. We were voted best carrot cake in town which makes me extremely proud.“


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