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Origin: Costa Rica, Myanmar, Ethiopia, Honduras
Roast: Filter & Espresso
Producer: 4 Producers
Altitude: 1500 - 2100 Meters
Varietal: Mixed Varietals
Process: Anaerobic, Natural, Washed

Travel the globe with 4 amazing Coffees
Is there a better way to kick-start your year in coffee with a box that offers an amazing variety of regions, roasts and processes? Hardly. We created this box with coffee lovers in mind who want to taste, explore and develop their coffee preferences, while not compromising on quality!

We have selected 4 different lots from 4 different origins, including washed, natural and anaerobic processes. A superb array of flavour and texture awaits.

Includes 4 x 250g bags of whole beans.

Pa-O Natural, Myanmar
Our first ever coffee from Myanmar! This naturally processed lot comes from the Pa-O villages, in Pinlaung. The smooth, fruity profile offers delicious notes of dark fruit, black cherry, milk chocolate and vanilla. A wonderful introduction to this rare origin.

Shantawene Anaerobic, Ethiopia

Our first ever Anaerobic coffee from Ethiopia offers a complex and fruit-forward profile that is an amazing example of the Sidama terroir - it is bursting with sweet tropical notes.

Volcan Azul, Costa Rica

The coffees from Volcan Azul is a farm we fell in love with many seasons ago. Alejo produces a range of outstanding coffees and his natural processed lots are real favourites. Expect sweet and complex flavour, with a refined note of dried fig that is irresistibly smooth.

Caballero, Honduras

A focus on sustainable farming and processing practices has made Caballero one of the leading producers in the country, not to mention multiple Cup of Excellence awards Marysabel and Moises have received along the way. This deliciously sweet lot has notes of nougat, smooth chocolate, caramel, and vanilla.

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