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Plum. Honey.

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Origin: Cerrado, Brazil
Roast: Filter
Producer: Daterra
Altitude: 1200 Meters
Varietal: Bourbon & Catuai
Process: Natural

Stardust comes to us from our partners Daterra. Having worked with Daterra for many seasons - featuring their innovative processes and unique low-caffeine varietals - we are always excited to taste something new. Stardust is 100% naturally processed. The coffee cherries are allowed to dry on the tree, creating a profile that is deliciously smooth. With sweet notes of plum and honey, expect a silky profile with a little bit of Stardust!

Daterra are committed to sustainable quality. Together, we are planting 40,000 trees. Become part of THE BARN Forest and donate a tree today, from as little as 1.50 EUR per tree. Click here to find out more.

    The Cup

    Our Stardust lot benefits from impeccable natural processing. The silky, rounded profile is reminiscent of sweet yellow plum, chocolate, and honey, with delicately pronounced acidity.

    About The Farm

    The Cerrado region is located at over 1200 metres. The rich, nutritious soil, fed by lakes and natural springs, provides the perfect growing conditions for coffee.

    Daterra was created with a dream to reinvent coffee production in Brazil: focusing on quality, innovation, and above all sustainability. With reverence for the soil, water, wildlife, and people of the region, they have become famous for their meticulous approach to progress.

    In 2003 they became the first Rainforest Alliance certified farm in Brazil and over half of the estate is preserved land dedicated to the protection of natural biodiversity.

    The Process

    Daterra have built their reputation on the quality of their production and processing. For our Stardust lot, they used a special version of natural processing. The coffee cherries are left to dry fully on the tree, producing high leves of sweetness and texture.

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