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Plum. Fig. Velvety.

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Origin: Usulutan, El Salvador 
Roast: Filter
Producer: Diego Baraona
Altitude: 1600 Meters 
Varietal: Elite Bourbon
Process: Anaerobic Natural

Our second release from Los Pirineos is another for lovers of our Exotic portfolio: Diego has harnessed the cleanest anaerobic processing to produce an exciting and dynamic coffee, with fruity weight and exceptional definition.

4 years ago we travelled to Los Pirineos and met Gilberto, read about our visit on our blog.

    The Cup

    The controlled anaerobic fermentation produces a cup with depth and grip. In the aroma we have notes of fig and plum that morph into flavours of peach and molasses in the cup. A creamy body is balanced with acidity that carries a citrus character.

    About The Farm

    Gilberto Baraona was a shining beacon of the coffee industry in El Salvador. Over many years, he worked relentlessly to explore the possibilities of production, with a varietal programme that many dream of: the nursery that Gilberto developed hosts over 70 distinct coffee cultivars. Now in the trusted hands of his son, Diego, Los Pirineos continues to deliver the unexpected.

    At 1400 metres above sea level, Los Pirineos sits on volcanic slopes amongst lush forest. The microclimate around the volcano provides sun-filled days and cool breezes that are ideal for growing and drying.

    In the drying area of the farm, raised beds are positioned between two peaks which consistently channel the wind across the drying coffee. With twelve hours of sun per day, this creates an ideal environment for Honey and Natural processing.

    Quality and responsibility are central to the way Diego works. All the water used in processing is from collected rain, and bees are kept on the farm to help pollination across the farm and surrounding forest.

    With more than 60 employees, Diego ensures year round employment on projects across the farm.

    The Process

    This lot underwent Anaerobic Natural processing. Freshly harvested cherries are placed into sealed barrels in a refrigerated chamber at 16 degrees Celsius. The coffee is fermented for 72 hours while the pH of the fermentation slurry is measured to maintain consistency and quality. After that, the tanks are opened and the cherries are fermented in the open for an additional 72 hours. The cherries are then dried on raised beds for 25 days until reaching the ideal humidity for milling and export.

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