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Chocolate. Plum. Vanilla.

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Origin: Huehuetenango, Guatemala
Roast: Espresso
Producer: Francisco Morales
Altitude: 1700 Meters
Varietal: Caturra & Bourbon
Process: Washed 
From the same farm that produces one of our all time favourites - Los Naranjales - La Esperanza comes from a region we know and love. Huehuetenango has a unique microclimate – the cold mountain temperatures at night are balanced out by warm winds that blow over from Mexico during the day. This versatile espresso has a delightfully sweet profile, with notes of soft fruit and luxurious vanilla.

The Cup

In the cup, La Esperanza is sweet and perfectly balanced. The richness of chocolate will appear first - bold when tasted as an espresso and pairing well with milk. Luxurious vanilla and ripe plum will follow, with a touch of acidity that completes the experience.

About The Farm

Francisco Morales fell in love with coffee alongside his grandfather as a young boy. At 15, he began selecting his own coffee seeds and planting them in a small nursery. For over 40 years, he and his wife have worked tirelessly to push the quality of their coffee and support their family.

The coffee plants are lush and full, separated into well manicured lots under a canopy of shade trees, which provide ample support for birds and insects. Don Francisco's family's home sits across the valley from his farm and the drying patios offer a beautiful view of the entire estate.

The Process

Our La Esperanza lot was harvested by hand and fully washed. First, cherries are depulped to remove the outer skin and fruit. Beans are then fermented and the remaining mucilage is washed off. The beans are slowly dried on concrete patios, under the cover of shade nets, which let the coffee reach the desired moisture level more gradually.

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