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Lychee. Black Tea.

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Origin: Konga | Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia 
Roast: Filter
Producer: Kedebe Maro
Altitude: 2000 Meters 
Varietal: Heirloom
Process: Natural 

Kedebe Maro’s estate is located in the Konga region of Yirgacheffe which is an area known for producing some of the best coffees to be exported from Ethiopia every year. His estate is 10 hectares in size, with half of it being used for growing coffee. Sitting at an elevation of 2000 metres, his coffees slowly maturate delivering intensity and complexity. This natural lot displays a bouquet of floral and fruity notes in the dry fragrance, which then carry into the cup with defined notes of lychee and apricot. The body is silky and the finish has notes of black tea.

Kedebe Maro is a private medium-sized producer. We say medium-sized because he is just in between a small holder and an estate owner. He is mainly producing naturals. Individual farmers in Ethiopia have been given more freedom to export their own coffee in recent years, which has given us access to purchasing single farmer lots like this one. Kedebe Maro is a pioneer coffee producer who encourages other farmers to follow his footsteps in producing high quality coffee. He advises fellow farmers on how to harvest coffee, and how to dry coffee for the specialty market.

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