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Cinnamon. Fruits. Complex.

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Origin: Tarrazu, Costa Rica
Roast: Filter
Producer: Tacho Castro
Altitude: 1800 Meters
Varietal: Villa Sarchi
Process: Anaerobic

Every season, we are presented with the top anaerobic lots of Juanachute: This is our favourite this year.

Juanachute was one of the first anaerobic coffees we fell in love with. Producer Tacho Castro is a passionate innovator who pioneered the 'Micromill', allowing full control of every stage in the production of his coffee. His processing is always perfectly judged and this season Juanachute offers a heady mix of ripe fruit and sweet cinnamon flavour.

The Cup

From bright passionfruit to juicy cherry and cinnamon; Juanachute is complex and intensely flavoured. A boozy note of brandy and rich dark chocolate are carried by a distinct, full body. The quality of anaerobic processing is superb, with a clean profile.

About The Farm

Dedicated to his grandmother, Juana, who was nicknamed "Chute", Tacho Castro crafts some of the finest Costa Rican coffees across his 11 hectare farm. With a passion for processing, Tacho started experimenting with new techniques many years ago and his expert knowledge is clear to see in every cup.

The fertile, volcanic soils and rolling mountainsides of Tarrazu are well-suited for coffee growing. The smallholders grow bananas, avocado, and citrus as well as coffee on properties passed between generations. The spirit of community is strong in Tarrazu, with producers caring for their land with pride. Many farms in Tarrazu include primary forest and shade trees interspersed with coffee. Producers take care to protect the natural water sources that spring up from the mountainsides.

Juanachute is fully controlling the entire production process. From planting the coffee trees to sealing the jute bags of green coffee, it is all under the supervision of Don Tacho.

The Process

Inspired by fermentation from winemaking, the anaerobic process keeps perfectly ripe coffee cherries in a sealed tank so that oxygen does not affect the process. This takes several days and creates the fantastic flavour profiles we experience with our Juanachute lot.

In this particular anaerobic process, the coffee was pulped and placed in sealed barrels with all its mucilage. Fermentation takes 96 hours, the beans are then dried on raised African beds for 8 days. The coffee is then rested in parchment for up to two months so it can continue to absorb flavour from the mucilage.

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