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Prune. Oolong. Juicy.

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Origin: West Java, Indonesia
Roast: Filter
Producer: Frinsa Estate
Altitude: 1300 - 1500 Meters 
Varietal: Mixed Varietals
Process: Lactic Washed

Sarapan means breakfast (or something that is delicate) and it sums up this coffee perfectly. A sweet and tea-like profile shows off the potential of clean processing in Indonesian coffee production.

The Cup

While retaining the distinctive notes of Indonesian coffee, Sarapan will be a welcome experience for those who love complex sweetness. Ranking high in tactile scores deriving from its lactic processing style.

The taste of chocolate fudge and ripe prunes come first, giving way to a delightful floral character with notes of Oolong tea.

About The Farm

The reputation of Indonesian coffee within the speciality coffee industry is still variable, with earthy and unclean cup profiles of traditionally processed coffees distorting the picture. In the right hands, the terroir can produce clean, complex and fruit driven coffees.

In Weninggalih, on the island of Java, the Frinsa Estate is a new generation producer that is challenging the preconceptions of Indonesian coffee. With volcanic peaks, dense forests, and natural hot springs, this warm, wet region is a lush paradise. The fertile soil is high in organic matter, allowing both coffee and tea to flourish.

The Frinsa Estate was founded by the Mustofa family: Wildan, his wife Atieq, and their son Fikri. The Washing Station processes coffee from 6 growing plots and a select group of neighbouring farms. 10 varietals grow under shade across the estate, including some that we only see in Indonesia. Shade trees provide habitats for wildlife and contribute to the incredible green landscape of the area. Humid conditions can make processing coffee tricky, but the Mustofa family are now producing clean, washed coffees as well as some funky experimental lots.

We do not roast many Indonesian coffees, but when we do, they blow us away!

The Process

Processing takes place at the Frinsa Estate. Their wet mill is located at 1400 meters with a ventilated storage space and dry mill. The facilities means they are in full control of their product from harvest to grading, sorting, and shipment.

The Frinsa team has worked hard to control processing variability, which can be a recurring issue in the humid Indonesian climate.

This washed lot is dry fermented in small tanks for 15-18 hours before being rinsed and soaked under water for another 10-12 hours. The process is referred to as ‘Lactobacillus fermentation’. They are finally washed under clean water and moved to covered drying beds.

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