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Passionfruit. Jasmine. Silky.

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Origin: Nariño, Colombia
Roast: Filter
Producer: Pablo Andres Guerrero
Altitude: 2200 Meters
Varietal: Gesha
Process: Natural

We are proud to introduce with El Obraje Gesha a new category that sits between our Single Origin Coffees and our Masterpieces: Our Rarity Line

This selection is now part of our regular offering. It is a chance to taste rare and high scoring coffees at an approachable price point: showcasing innovative producers and special varietals. 

El Obraje Gesha natural
For our first offering in this new range we have selected a beautiful lot from Pablo Guerrero and his award-winning El Obraje. We have previously featured this farm in our Masterpiece Subscription. The Colibri Blend (Gesha + Maracaturra) was also a highlight in our roastery before. 

The Cup
This coffee has a mouthwatering profile, alive with the flavours of passionfruit. Floral notes of jasmine are coupled with an elegant mouthfeel. Unmistakably Gesha.

The classic profile of this special varietal is magnified through natural processing and the refined execution we have come to expect from Pablo: with our new Rarity Line, explore his incredible coffee today.

The Cup

Our naturally processed lot is a dynamic expression of Gesha. The aroma and palate will draw you in with intense passionfruit and defined florals. The note of jasmine that Gesha is renowned for is perfectly elegant with a silky body to match. Berries and stonefruit are harmonious with a delicate balance between sweetness and acidity.

About The Farm

Hacienda El Obraje is located at the very high elevation of 2200 metres, in the mountains of the Nariño department, with coffee planted on the slopes descending to a river valley below. Visiting the mill, Pablos dedication is clear to see, with meticulously maintained fermentation tanks, depulping equipment and raised drying beds.

Pablo was the first to introduce coffee to the Tangua area outside of the city of Pasto in the year 2000. Across over 100 acres, Pablo farms 25 acres of coffee and has preserved the rest as natural forest. By 2009, he had built a facility to process his own coffee and entered the specialty coffee market. His experiments have continued ever since: planting new varieties and introducing natural as well as washed processed coffees. Planting coffee at such a high elevation was risky but the trees have adapted extremely well: today you can taste all of Pablos hard work in this stunning nanolot.

The Process

Our lot underwent natural processing at the mill at El Obraje. All processing times vary according to the variables of climate at the time of harvest. Normally, cherries are fermented whole for 20 hours in the same bags that the pickers use for harvest. Cherries are selectively harvested for ripeness and sorted by floatation. After being fermented and sorted, cherries are typically dried for 30 days before reaching the target humidity.

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