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Limited Easter Special: Be fast - only 100x boxes are available. 

A Box full of Flavours
Make this Easter very special and give away a box with four different coffees and a delicious chocolate bar that we brought over from our friend Kathy Johnston, Chief Chocolatier and Founder of Mirzam Chocolate in Dubai. 

A Gift that keeps Giving 
You essentially give away a supply for 3 months of coffee: At Easter, the lucky person will receive our craft box, filled with amazing tastes. But thats not all: In the two consecutive months, there will be two more deliveries of our gift subscription. Each one with 2x 250g of delicious Single Origin Beans, freshly roasted by us. You are ordering our gift subscription and receive the chocolate and Indonesian coffees for free. Packed in a gift box. Happy Easter!

First Box: Chose Filter or Espresso 

  • 2 Bags of Seasonally Curated Coffee (2x250g)
  • Radiophare natural Indonesian Beans (35g)
  • Frinsa Sarapan washed Indonesian Beans (35g)
  • Mirzam: 70g Single Origin Chocolate From Indonesia (65% dark chocolate)

The Box will be delivered just before Easter. Sending out 31st March.

Focus on Indonesia
This region has a long history of coffee culture. However, finding outstanding cup profiles is not easy in Indonesia. The main reason is the traditional processing style that often adds unpleasant flavours to the final product. Working with a new generation of producers, it feels like you suddenly take away that "veil" from the cup. 

You will receive 2x 35g of our finest Indonesian Beans in your first delivery. Enough to brew up two filter handbrews each, to enjoy with an amazing Indonesian Chocolate Bar that was created by our dear friend Kathy of Mirzam Chocolate. 

Mirzam are inspired by the centuries old maritime Spice Routes that carried trade across the world. With pronounced fruitiness and deep sweetness, this chocolate was a perfect match for our distinct Indonesian coffees. We find this article here describes best what Kathy is doing with her chocolates. 

Subscription Coffees in your First Box
We decided to put our amazing Black Honey from our Project "Our Plot" in Brazil into the Filter Box. Paired with an outstanding Ethiopian Coffee: Gedeb Chelchele natural. The Espresso Box will have the wonderful Bumba Hill from the Long Miles Project in Burundi. This washed coffee has everything that makes Burundi such a spectacular coffee region. We pair this coffee with Ralfs favourite Brazilian espresso that has just arrived: Fazenda da Mata. 

To get you even more excited about your chocolate pairing coffees from Indonesia ...

Frinsa Sarapan
Meaning breakfast - or something that is delicate - Sarapan sums up this coffee perfectly. From Weninggalih, on the island of Java, the sweet and tea-like profile shows off the best of Indonesian terroir. Notes of chocolate fudge and ripe prunes are followed by the delightful floral character of Oolong tea.

The highlands have a 300-year history of coffee production which have endowed them with a variety of Typica that is nearly a century old. Processing good naturals is rare in Indonesia but the profile of this cup is really exciting: Notes of passionfruit, cinnamon and cane sugar are dynamic and defined.

Order your Gift Subscription today and make a coffee (+ chocolate) lover in your life very happy!

Please note: This product is only available in Germany and in the EU. We do not want the chocolate to get stuck in customs!

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