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We proudly present our new sustainable capsule that stays truthful to our values. Aiming to make great coffees accessible to more people, we found a way of packing our unique Single Origin Coffees into 100% bio-based coffee capsules made of German wood chips.

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Seasonal - Mococa, Brazil This coffee was processed by FAF and it was grown by farmers in the Alto Alegre Valley of Mococa, Brazil. Focusing on harvesting smaller lots of coffee that have particularly unique flavours. The network of farmers share information in order to innovate, evolve, and produce some of the region's most interesting coffee.
Masterpiece - Elida Geisha, Panama The Geisha Coffee from this award-winning Farm came in 3rd in Best of Panama 2020. Their private auction in August 2021 achieve sky-high prices in excess of 4000 USD / lbs. Crazy. But crazy good.  The Lamastus Family has a successful trajectory throughout the years, breaking multiple records; their coffee is always reliable, consistent and quality assured. Their 3 estates are named Elida, El Burro and Luito. All the farms are located in different areas of the highlands of Panama, making each one different from each other for its unique microclimate and microorganisms surrounding them. 

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Enjoy great flavours from handpicked coffees that were carefully roasted by our crew in Berlin. Our new Specialty Coffee Capsules are made from renewable resources (local wood chips). They completely dissolve in nature and do not contain any micro-plastic.  

We found a way of grinding and tamping our coffees so that we can stick to our light roasts. Advantages are clear: You get a clean, full flavour experience.

Shots: We recommend using our capsules only for espresso or ristretto shots. 
Machines: Our capsule can be used on all recent Nespresso machines. The following machines are not compatible with our capsules: Nespresso Essenza, Nescafé Dolce Gusto,  Tchibo Caffissimo, Nespresso Vertuo, Tassimo, Le Cube.

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