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A flavour journey through the worlds most exciting coffee regions. Make this Christmas Season special with 24x cute cotton bags, filled with delicious surprises.


Our first ever Advent Calendar is out
The Christmas Season is nearing and anticipation is mounting. Count down to Christmas with our Advent Calendar celebrating taste and indulgence: With our delicious Single Origin Coffees. 

THE BARN Specialty Coffee Advent Calendar features 24 days of excitement. We are sending out a huge variety of our coffees, freshly roasted, to share with you a flavour journey through some of the greatest coffee regions across the globe. To make this calendar even more enjoyable we have added some seasonal teas, sweets and chocolate from Berlin. And a candle to put on your coffee table!

24 cotton bags, filled with surprises. All cotton bags are stamped by hand in the classic The Barn Style!

German customers 
Calendar price: 169 EUR (includes shipping)

EU customers 
Price includes all taxes and import fees (ships from within the EU)
Calendar price: 179 EUR (includes shipping)

All worldwide non-EU customers
Shipping included – taxes and import fees not included
Calendar price: 199 EUR (includes shipping)


  • At least 12 different The Barn coffees, including our Christmas coffee – all whole bean, all single origin, freshly roasted just before we send out your box. 50g per coffee.
  • Seasonal teas from Paper & Tea (50g for 38 cups)
  • Tasty chocolates from local Berlin chocolatiers
  • A few special surprises
  • Packaged in cute cotton bags, each individually numbered 1 to 24. Perfect to hang as decoration or to keep little treasures at home. 

Calendars will ship in mid-November and quantities are limited.

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About the Advent Calendar

We pair our coffees with seasonal teas from our friends at Paper & Tea, delicious chocolates from Berlin, and a few other surprises. Indulge yourself and go on a flavour journey with us.