Winter Signature Drinks

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Espresso & Rooibos Shots with steamed milk

Taking inspiration from our recent travels to Hong Kong and South Korea, we’ve created yet another signature drink for the season. Using one of our own espresso roasts (Huye Mountain) and a guest appearance of our friends from Paper & Tea: Spicy rooibos. We brew the two grinds together through an espresso machine to create an ‘espresso’ shot that not only presents the coffee well but also provides intense flavours reminiscent of homemade Lebkuchen or gingerbread. This drink is spicy, warming and honey-like. Our Coffee and Tea shot comes in two sizes; a creamy yet lively espresso served with 6 oz of steamed milk or a larger size of 10oz for those looking for softer flavour.


Use 10g espresso ground on EK (2-3). Add 5g Cederberg Chai ground on wilfa grinder or similar. Shake together and tamp in a 15g basket. Pull a shot in 30-35 secs (not less than 30 seconds as the tea needs a long brew time). No preinfusion. Pour freshly steamed milk.


This month, Jake has created two drinks in creative partnership with other local producers and business owners. Through this monthly challenge, we want to work with our neighbours, sharing our strengths and talents within the local community. Through partnering with Oliver Ebert of Beckett’s Kopf and Austrian distiller Josef Farthofer, we have not created one, but two signature drinks this season.

The first is a hot take on the traditional White Russian, started off with a flavoursome concoction of liquor and espresso swirled together, topped with carefully steamed Brodowin milk and finished off with beautiful latte art and a quick grating of fresh cinnamon. 

The second drink is a more traditional White Russian, with a Berlin twist. This cocktail is served tall and chilled over ice, combined with a tailored double shot of espresso and finally topped with a centimetre of milk foam and grated cinnamon. 

These cocktails, with their combined flavours and textures, are a fun and creative way for us to show you how versatile our coffees can be. We can use them as both a complementary and focused ingredient within a larger frame of flavour, without letting them get lost in the mix.

White Russian Shot

Pull an Espresso shot (40g) of Huye Mountain in a pitcher
Pour it into a shaker with 4 ice cubes and 35g of Vodka
Swirl with the ice to cool, then strain to pour it into a water glass (leave the ice in shaker)
Top with 1cm of fresh creamy milk foam using a spoon
Grate fresh cinnamon on top and serve


    Flat White Russian

    Take a  double shot of spelt Vodka (40g) in a cocktail shaker
    Pull an Espresso shot (40-42g) shot on top (we take our Huye Mountain)
    Top with steamed milk (pour it just like a flat white)
    Grate fresh cinnamon on top and serve