When we met David a few years ago, we were instantly attracted to his idea of translating the values of Specialty Coffee into great design. Ever since, Department of Brewology worked hard to build a fantastic community around their illustrations, garments, and pins. Being a collaboration partner was a no brainer for us. Being the featured roaster for the launch of their coffee subscription made us very proud - especially seeing the effort that was put into the boxing and presentation of our coffee.
David is a big fan of The Barn, and our collaboration is based on both friendship and the mutual respect and love for each other’s work. In 2018 we launched a special selection of DoB products on our website and in our five cafés in Berlin, including pieces from their amazing “Filter Coffee Not People” campaign - a line of products designed as a response to the immigration issues in the US and across the globe. 
We are really excited to offer our coffees to the community around the Department of Brewology.