February Signature Drinks

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Acqua del Caffe Crudo

We have been looking at the health benefits of raw coffee infusions for a while but never got around the fact that it does not taste good. At all. Now it does: We are brewing ground green beans from Marcos Limongi´s farm on AeroPress with pure grapefruit and mint. Boom! Recipe in bio. Visit our website to buy green beans in small quantities.
Green Coffee Bean Infusions support weight loss. The high level of anti-oxidants boosts metabolism, has positive effects on diabetes, reduces levels of bad cholesterol and improves blood circulation.



 5g green coffee ground
12g grapefruit juice
4 leaves of dried mint

 Put all ingredients into an inverted AeroPress.

Add 145ml of hot filtered water (94° C).
Give it a little stir and close the AeroPress.
Brew for 4:00 minutes.
Turn the AeroPress carefully onto a pitcher
or mug - and press down slowly.

Enjoy the smooth mouthfeel
as your beverage cools down!