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2. Coffee Subscription
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4. Roasting
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7. Brewing
8. Sourcing
9. Wholesale


How long does it take for my order to arrive?
Depending on your shipping address the duration can be anything from two days up to a few weeks. For exact durations visit our shipping policies page.


When are we sending out your subscription coffees?
At starting point, we send out your coffees always on the date that you signed up your subscription in the first place.

Which coffees will I be receiving?
Our roast team selects the subscriber coffees every month. They are typically our latest releases and often microlots. When you are starting your subscription you can chose between espresso and filter roasts.

What is the price advantage compared to single web orders?
The price advantages of our subscription vary. The average minimum price advantage is 25% compared to single web orders. The highest discount can be achieved by booking a pre-paid term subscription. 

I have just signed up for a subscription. When will it start?
Your subscription starts immediately.

How can I adjust my coffee subscription?
Go to "menu" and "login" to enter your account details. Click on "subscription manager" on the left to edit your data. You can change your address, pause and resume your coffee subscription.

Can I pause my subscription?
You can pause and resume your subscription at any point. Go to "menu" and "login" to enter your account details. Click on "subscription manager" on the left to edit your data.  

Can I select subscription coffees by myself?
Our coffee subscription is curated by our roast team. We dont offer individual coffee choices. Our seasonal subscription and low-caffeine subscription are two options on our menu.


How do I register my account?
You create your account during the checkout procedure. 

I forgot my password. What do I do?
Go to “Login” and click on “Forgot your password”. We will send you an email with instructions. 

How can I change my shipping address?

Log in with your email and password. You can adjust your shipping address by clicking on “View addresses”.

What does “default address” mean?
Your default address is your main shipping address. 


How do you roast your coffee beans?
We roast all our coffees by hand and in small batches. Our roast style is light to showcase clean flavours and individual terroir. Depending on origin, processing or coffee varietal, you will experience different levels of acidity. 

Do you have different roast profiles for filter and espresso coffees?
All our roasts are light with fully developed flavours and sweetness. Our espresso roasts have slightly more body to enjoy them on all types of espresso machines. Our filter roast bring out more delicate flavour notes which can be best experienced on handbrewed methods. 


What payment methods do you offer?
You can use Apple Pay, PayPal and most Credit Cards. In Germany, we also offer direct bank transfer (Sofort Banking).


Do you offer free Wi-Fi in your cafés?
Free Wi-Fi is available. In our smaller cafés we do operate with lap-top free zones. 

Can I enjoy your coffee outside of Berlin?
Drop us an email and we guide you to one of our wholesale partners near you. 


For how long can I enjoy your coffee after roasting?
We recommend brewing our coffees from 2 weeks up to 3 months after roast date.

How do I store my coffee beans?
All our coffee bags have a one-sided valve and a zip-seal, so the beans can breathe out and no oxygen is getting in. Store your beans at room temperature. One you opened the bag, enjoy our coffee within 7 days for full flavour experience.

How much coffee can I make with 250g of beans?
The golden brew ratio is 65-70g per litre. From 250g of beans you can brew up 15x 250ml. 

What brew equipment do you offer?
We have a selection of brew equipment that we also use on our own bars. Check out our "Equipment" Section?

Where do I find your brew guides?
You can download our brew guides from the "learn"-section of our website.  

Do you sell pre-ground coffee?
We offer a selection of filter coffees as Drip Bag coffees, which are pre-ground and perfect for on-the-go. All you need is hot water. The rest of our coffees are available as whole beans. We recommend that you grind the beans fresh just before brewing.

Do you sell Instant coffee?
Our Specialty Instant Coffee is a great option for travellers and those without grinders at home. We pack it in compostable pouches. 

Do you offer Decaf?
We have discovered two coffee varietals with naturally low caffeine content: Aramosa and Laurina. You can find them in our bean section.  


Is your coffee sustainable?
We are working closely with dedicated farmers growing some of the best coffees in the world. We pay for quality - the better the coffee, the more we pay. Oftentimes this is a multiple of Fair Trade Pricing. It's the only incentive to establish sustainability and quality. All our coffees are fresh in season and fully traceable.

Are your coffees Organic?
All our farm relationships are personal and we visit most of them every year. Working in a sustainable way is our priority. This includes sustainability, no negative environmental impact, preserving pristine forests and wildlife, water recycling, fair treatment of labour, ethical rules and, most of all, high cup quality. Most farms are small estates with no financial means to certify. They have one thing in common: Their land is all they have and they treat it well for future generations to come. 

Are your coffees Fair Trade?
We believe in relationships and fair pricing. We pay for quality: all our coffee prices are far higher than Fair Trade Pricing. 

Do you offer all coffees all year around?
Our specialty is seasonality, small estates and microlots. All coffees are available for limited times but they come back every year. 

Why dont you offer blends?
We are specialized on specific terroir and flavour profiles. Each coffee has its own personality and we want you to experience that. Our coffees are so good, we dont have to blend them to taste better. 


I want to serve THE BARN coffee. How do I get started?
We love to partner with quality people that appreciate our coffees as much as we do. Please get in touch with our wholesale team via this contact form.