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Aeropress Method

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1:25 min

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230ml / 94℃

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Equipment and preparation

Make sure you have all your equipment within reach. Choose your water well (filtered /bottled) and boil your kettle to 95°C. Grind your coffee just before your brew – we recommend using a Comandante hand grinder or a quality electric grinder, such as Baratza or Mahlkönig. Grind the coffee on a medium setting. While coffee does get stale with time, it is totally fine to let your beans rest for 2-3 weeks after roast date. This gives the beans time to degas, and you will get much more flavour and sweetness from your brew.

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Filter Paper

Fit your AeroPress with one filter paper, and place it on top of a cup or pitcher. Rinse with hot water to preheat, open up the texture of the filter paper, and get rid of the residual paper taste of the filter. All of this will result in a more consistent extraction throughout the rest of your brew.

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Add Coffee

Empty the water from your pitcher and bring your kettle up to temperature again. Place your ground coffee into the AeroPress and give it a little shake to evenly spread the grinds across the filter. Tare your scale.

Pour water

Start your timer. While your AeroPress sits on top of your pitcher on your scale, quickly pour 230g of water into the AeroPress, making sure all your coffee is covered and wet. It should immediately start to bubble and bloom.

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Quickly stir your coffee within 20 seconds of pouring in the water. Stir it three times clockwise, then a quarter turn anti-clockwise to stop the movement. This is to ensure consistent extraction from your brew. Be careful not to damage the paper filter at the bottom as you stir!

Create Vacuum

Remove the AeroPress and the pitcher from the scale. Carefully place the plunger on top of the AeroPress, and pull it up slightly to create a vacuum – but don’t pull too hard! You do not want to pull the filter paper up. This vacuum stops the brew from dripping through, allowing the grinds to steep in the water.

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Stir Again

After 60 seconds, carefully remove the plunger, and stir your brew the same way you did earlier. Put the plunger back on top of the AeroPress.

Press Down

Place your hand flat on the plunger, with your wrist at a 45° angle. Use your other hand to keep the AeroPress steady on the pitcher. Push down with a slow, consistent force until the timer reaches 1:25. If there is too much resistance, your grind is probably too fine. You will hear a hissing noise when the brew is ready.

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Another reason we love the AeroPress is because it's so easy to clean! Unscrew the filter top, pop the coffee puck and used filter paper into a bin, and rinse the AeroPress with hot water.


With the AeroPress we like to have an extraction of 20 - 22%, aiming for a rich body and full mouthfeel. As your coffee cools it will open up in flavour and acidity. So sit back, relax, and enjoy.

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