Our Training Centre is located close to our Roastery. Here, we evaluate all our roasts and we train our staff in all regards from coffee knowledge to brewing techniques or customer service.

With years of coaching experience, we have created a great range of workshops for our customers. From Latte Art, Home Brewing, Espresso Techniques to Sensory Classes and Tailor-Made Sessions. We also offer regular certification classes by our SCA trainer (Specialty Coffee Association).

Our workshops can be booked on this website, or in our cafés. You can also buy vouchers, which make great gifts. Dates for classes can always be arranged at a later stage - we are fully flexible!

Our LAB is momentarily closed, following instructions by the German government to control the crisis. We appreciate your support in buying your beans & equipment on our webshop. You can also order vouchers to arrange your class in future. Stay safe! THE BARN CREW