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For a limited period, we are bringing back Tote Bags that were very popular in our earlier years. Now is your chance to complete your collection!

The "Kyoto Brewer" was based on a photo that Ralf took when touring in Japan in 2016. The calm barista in a puristic backyard shed impressed with his dedication to his V60 brew that was served with perfection.

The Material:
Your Tote bag is made out of recycled cotton. Produced in Germany. Up to 2500 liters of water are saved during its production process and no nasty chemicals are used. 

A practical companion, use our Tote Bag for shopping, going to gym class or just have it folded in your back-pocket in case you need to carry something you find a long the way.

Colour: black
Material: recycled cotton
Dimensions: 38 x 41 cm

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